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South Johnstone Cane Pest & Disease Control Board building 1981 (from left to right). George Bugeja (Assistant Supervisor), (-), Leo Sosso, Paul Makepeace (BSES representative), Dennis Stevenson (Board Chairman, Mill Manager and representative), Grant Smith (Chief cane inspector), Frank Calleja (Growers representative), Don Berryman, Neil Clarke (Supervisor).

The origins

Controlling pests and diseases and Increasing Productivity

The South Johnstone Cane Pest & Disease Control Board was created in the early 70's . Around mid 80's it became the Cane Protection & Productivity Services. IBCPS was established in the early 2000's when the South Johnstone, Babinda and Mourilyan Cane Protection & Productivity Boards merged together to create when we know as Innisfail Babinda Cane Productivity Services.

Continuing the legacy

Clean Seed Plots

The first approved Clean Seed Plot in North QLD was established under the management  of the Mourilyan Cane Protection & Productivity Board in Martyville in the mid 80's. Following, the South Johnstone Cane Protection and Productivity Board purchased aprox. 12 ha at Camp Creek Road to turn it into a clean seed plot for the SJ area. Currently IBCPS runs the Martyville Plot at Martyville Road, the Babinda Central Plot and the Babinda Dickson Road Plot. 

South Johnstone Cane Protection and Productivity Board Clean Seed Plot

 in the mid 80's



Innisfail Baibnda Cane Productivity Services is a not-for-profit company and funded by levy paid by our local growers and MSF Sugar. It works towards increasing cane productivity, managing profitability and controlling disease and pests.



MISSION - Innisfail Babinda Cane Productivity Services Ltd's core business is to enhance the productivity of the sugar industry. Its mission is to improve the quantity and quality of sugar cane grown in the Innisfail Babinda districts, in an environmentally sustainable and economically viable manner.

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