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Steven Bonso

Steven has been involved in the sugar industry for most of his life. Born into cane farming, Steven completed a Fitter & Turner trade at Babinda Mill in the mid 1990’s and then commenced working full time on the family farms. Working in all aspects of farming operations, from operating and managing the harvester crew, operating the many farming tractors and implements, to driving trucks and delivering fertiliser to various growers throughout the region, Steven has watched the industry evolve over recent times and implemented Best Practice Management throughout all farming operations. Steven is a Director of the Cairns Regional Canegrowers and Innisfail Babinda Cane Productivity Services of which he is also Chair. Steven is also actively involved with SRA, Young Farmers, and works closely with Green Collar Project, Terrain NRM and MSF Project Uplift teams to continuously improve his farming practices.

Mick Camilleri

Mick is passionate about farming and engineering.  He developed these interests as a young man working in his family’s harvesting and cane farm partnership. The first commercial cane harvesters wouldn’t cut successfully in all conditions and had to be modified. It was here, following in the footsteps of his innovative brother, that he developed a passion for problem solving through machinery modification.  Mick is the local director of the Australian Cane Farmers Association and a Director at IBCPS.  Mick uses the information received in these roles to allow him to come up with informed solutions based on known industry problems. Having his own farm allows him to trial what he builds so he can ensure what we design is working successfully.

John Casale

John Casale, has 59 years of experience in the sugar cane industry.  Together with his brother, John manages three farms in the Lower Cowley area. John affirms that  over the years he has seen big changes from in the industry. From manual cane cutting to mechanical cane harvesting. However, the biggest change was the introduction of green harvesting which brought the end of cane burning, which started the new era of the sugarcane industry.  John has been a Director of the IBCPS Board since 2012. During this decade, he has shared his experience in the industry and his valuable input to the Board decisions.

Paul Cecchi

Born into a cane farming family Paul is a 4th generation farmer who has spent all of his life in the sugar industry. Between 1997 and 2001 Paul completed a Fitter & Turner apprenticeship at South Johnstone Mill. ln his final year at the mill Paul was named apprentice of the year. Paul then worked briefly at the lnnisfail Meat Works in his trade as a maintenance fitter until Cyclone Larry closed it down. Paul returned to the mill and worked with contractors John Thompson Australia to re-tube the boilers. ln the off season he has also worked at Phosphate Hill and Garrada Zinc at Mt Garnet. 

Paul commenced working full time on the family farms and helping with the harvesting contract when required. Paul is a Director of lBCPS and has implemented Best Practice Management on all farms. He works with SRA, Terrain and MSF with their projects to continue to improve his farming business. Paul is always keen to try new projects to improve the profitability and sustainability of the sugar industry in this region.

Peter Jordan-Independent Director

Peter is the Independent Director at IBCPS. Peter is a Senior Financial Strategist and founder of ClearWay Advice and Financial Management. Peter holds a Masters in Financial Planning and the highest form of designation for Financial Planners globally by achieving the qualification of Certified Financial Planning (CFP) through the Financial Planning Association of Australia.  Peter offers his valuable experience in the company towards increasing productivity in the sugarcane industry,

Len Parisi

Len started farming with his family in 1973. In 2006 Len left his family farm to work for Bunderberg Sugar for 6 years where he was assigned to all farms in Silkwood, Fishery Falls and Tablelands.  In 2012 he  returned to his family farm with his brothers. Currently they farm 120 ha between Fishery Falls and Babinda, harvesting their own cane and providing a billet planting service to growers. Len also has been involved with SRA working on the Cane to Creek Project. In addition, with Mulgrave Landcare Group and Greening Australia he has converted 7 ha of marginal country into Wetland restoration with a path to improving water quality going to Great Barrier Reef. Len has worked  with several Government organisations during the construction of wetlands and he is still involved with them as they monitor the end results of their  efforts. Len is committed to improving the status of cane growers as land owners after a lot of negative media statements. Len has 20 sugarcane varieties on his farm as by trying them all we can make better decisions for our soil types.

Gavin Rodman- SRA Representative

Gavin is Sugar Research Australia’s (SRA) District Manager – Far North. Gavin has been a standing invitee of the Board since 2016, strengthening the relationship between IBCPS and SRA. Gavin has experience in developing information, tools, providing training, delivering extension, engaging stakeholders and project development and delivery. He was winner of the Youth Reef Champion award in 2018 for his work with growers through the Cane to Creek project and is a 2021 finalist for the Zanda McDonald award for young leaders in agriculture across Australia and New Zealand.


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